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More personalized travel guides, this time from DK

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The end of the year has brought a flurry of personalized travel guides! The ink had just barely dried on our stories about Offbeat Guides and Tripwolf when yet another related spotting came in: Since 1974 Dorling Kindersley (DK) has been publishing its award-winning Eyewitness Travel Guides series covering more than 100 cities, regions and countries in over 30 languages. Now the UK-based company allows consumers to create their own, personalized travel guides as well. Users begin by choosing their destination and then selecting from among all the many attractions listed on the site via DK’s own content and those submitted by members. Maps are automatically included to support those selections, and users can organize their content into chapters with titles and brief descriptions. To customize the cover of their guide, users can then add a cover photo, title and a brief description. The resulting guide is suitable for sharing and rating online, and–as with Offbeat Guides–it can either be downloaded as a PDF for GBP 2.50 or ordered in printed book format for GBP 10, including delivery charges. Some 50 cities are currently listed on the site, with more coming soon, the company says. The votes are in, and consumers seem to like having it their own way when they travel just as much as they do in other realms–imagine that! 😉 Repeat after us: Personalize, personalize, personalize! Spotted by: Roberta Steinberg



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