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More ultra premium grape juice


Not long ago we wrote about high-end grape juices by First Blush, and recently one of our spotters came across MonaVie, another ultra premium line of alcohol-free juices that could easily be confused with wine. Utah-based MonaVie offers both juices and concentrated gels made from 19 different fruits, all chosen for their healthful properties. First among them is the Brazilian acai berry—widely considered a health-promoting superfood—accompanied by apricot, aronia, acerola, lychee, wolfberry, bilberry and of course grape, to name just a few. Pricing is very high-end, indeed, at about USD 40 per 750 ml bottle of juice. MonaVie is currently sold on a person-to-person basis in the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and Japan, with plans to expand further around the globe through its multi-level marketing business model. While joining a potentially restrictive MLM network isn’t something we’d necessarily recommend, the ultra premium presentation of juice is one to look into if you’re in food and beverage. For more inspiration, check out Wild Bunch & Co.’s organic juices. Spotted by: Theresa Duffy



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