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Chic vomit bags for morning-sick moms

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Morning sickness is an unfortunate reality for many pregnant mothers, and it’s often compounded by the stress of being unable to predict where or when it will strike. Aiming to do away with the frantic search for an appropriate receptacle, Morning Chicness Bags offer a way for expectant moms to always be prepared. Vancouver, B.C.-based Morning Chicness Bags come in six attractive designs that any mom would be proud to include in her purse. All are made of sturdy paper with leak-proof polyethylene lining and horizontal closure clip. Measuring 5 by 3 by 9.5 inches, the bags are priced ranging from USD 7.50 for a pack of 10 bags to USD 27.50 for a pack of 50. Morning Chicness Bags are available both online and through select stores in Western Canada and Oregon. International shipping is available. And here’s where we repeat one of our favourite refrains: everything can be upgraded! Whether it’s vomit bags or toilet seat covers, you can bet there will be consumers willing to shell out a little more for a nicer alternative, particularly when there’s a social angle involved. What other seemingly lowly necessity could stand a fresh—and premium—redesign… ? (Related: In-hospital spa services for new moms.) Spotted by: Sandy Manners



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