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Webcam mortgage advice for deaf bank customers


A Netherlands bank recently created this for its webcam advice services, beginning with mortgage information.

Connectivity is helping to make inclusivity easier. Smart hearing aids can be personalized for bespoke alerts and tasks. A smart shirt now allows deaf people to experience orchestra concerts through vibrations. In The Netherlands, ABN AMRO bank has introduced a sign language service through its webcam appointment system.

The banks say that around 25 percent of its mortgage-related meetings take place via webcam, a service that was introduced in 2011. Now, following a suggestion from two deaf employees, sign language mortgage advice is available for customers with hearing impairments. Other areas of advice via sign language will be added if the initial service is a success. Overall, the bank wants to increase its webcam mortgage meetings to at least 50 percent.

How could connectivity and mobility be combined to make smart cities even more inclusive?



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