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Motivational text messages for overshoppers

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The Stop Overshopping Text Messaging Program is a simple initiative that can help consumers curb their shopping addictions.

Online shopping has removed many of the obstacles associated with going to the store, but overshopping is a result of this convenience, with consumers making countless unneeded impulse purchases. To help them combat their weakness, the Stop Overshopping Text Messaging Program is a simple initiative that can help users curb their shopping addictions.

To begin, users register for the program and answer a series of questions about their shopping habits. Then, the user will immediately begin receiving informational, motivational, directive text messages to their phone twice a day. The program sends a combination of generic reminders and personalized messages that target the user’s particular spending habits. Customers can even benefit from extra messages around the holidays and weekends, when they might be particularly sensitive to the lure of the shops.

Lots of psychotherapists and life coaches offer help with this problem, but for many this is an unaffordable solution — this program could an affordable and convenient alternative. Text messaging programs have already been found to help people quit smoking, cut down on alcohol, and control other impulsive behaviors.

The service costs USD 24.95 for three months and is available across the United States. Are there other potential motivational text messaging service that could help users curb their bad habits?



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