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Motorcycle hearses offer a (life)stylish final ride

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Aside from eco-burials and artistic or branded urns, not a lot has changed in how we typically honour the dead. A few new hearse options have popped up in recent years, however, that offer the biker crowd a way to give loved ones an unconventional last ride. The Tombstone Hearse Company, for example, offers transport of caskets or urns in a motorcycle-drawn nineteenth-century style hearse. Tombstone also offers the option of touring on favourite roads or past sentimental places along the way to the final destination. The Pennsylvania-based company has affiliates nationwide as well as in England and the West Indies. Prices for motorcycle hearse services begin at roughly USD 650. Texas-based Black Diamond Motorcycle Hearse, meanwhile, offers coach and driver services for prices beginning at USD 400, while Maryland-based Mid-Atlantic Motorcycle Hearse Company serves the mid-Atlantic region for prices starting at USD 795. The California-based Black Velvet Motorcycle Hearse company, on the other hand, uses a 2002 Harley Davidson Road King Classic and attached hearse to transport the dead while the addition of a custom 2007 Liberty sidecar allows widows to ride along. There are other contenders as well, but the category as a whole is yet another beautiful illustration of the profitability of appealing to the massive ageing baby boom generation and its various hobbies and lifestyle choices. Whether through supermarkets, being spaces, driving services or hearse services, the opportunities are many to take traditional offerings and tailor them for this unique demographic. The reward? If you’re lucky, you might just earn your own little piece of HOG heaven! 😉 Websites: Spotted by: David Brundage


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