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A crowdfunding site to support Brazilian projects and ideas

Financial Services

Regular Springwise readers are already well-acquainted with the crowdfunding concept, by which multiple fans, customers or other supporters contribute funds to help ensure the realization of a particular project or idea. Movere is a soon-to-be-launched crowdfunding site that will use the concept to enable the realization of a variety of new ideas in Brazil. Due to launch on March 1, Movere will feature a dedicated page for each project seeking funding, detailing its goals, the amount it needs to accomplish them along with any deadline, and the rewards that will be given to financial supporters should the required sum be raised. An accompanying video, meanwhile, will illustrate the project’s motivation. Potential supporters can then browse the many project pages on the site. When they find one they like, they can donate via PayPal and then wait to see if the required total gets raised. To help ensure that it does, Movere encourages participants to promote the ideas they care about via their favorite social media. Projects that succeed in raising the needed funds then reward supporters with the promised items — CDs, for example, or tickets to an event — and keep them updated as launch approaches. Those that don’t raise the necessary money, meanwhile, refund supporters’ donations in full. Just as the crowds far and near can be tapped for economic solutions to help a nation during tough times, so, too, can they help provide the financial fuel to jump-start ideas that will see it into a prosperous future. One to emulate in developing economies around the globe! (Related: Crowdfunding app rewards donors with space on a digital wallCrowdfunding investment for social enterprises.) Spotted by: Thiago Fontes



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