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Movie suggestion site is powered by human intelligence

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FilmFish helps users locate the perfect movie from their database, then tells them where they can stream it.

As every Netflix user knows, there is such a thing as too much choice. Now, for anyone who has ever felt the horror of realizing they’ve spent too long browsing, and are out of time to watch anything, there is FilmFish. The online database is a human-powered recommendation site that enables film-lovers to locate the perfect movie, then receive information on where they can stream it.

The recommendation site features hundreds of lists named things like ‘Disturbed Genius Dramas’, ‘Best Bechdel Test Movies’ and ‘Best Soul Music Movies’. All the lists were created by people, rather than algorithms, who identified the characteristics of thousands of movies and put them into niche groups.

To use, viewers enter the name of a film they like into the search box. Once they have confirmed it is the right film, the site provides all the lists that the film fits into. For example, if the users searches ‘Badlands’, they are presented with nine lists including ‘Terrence Malick Movies’, ‘Criminal Couples’ and ‘Stark Midwestern Drama’. Each list contains over ten recommendations for the viewer to browse, and tells them what services have that film to stream. All the films also feature a short description, its length and the Rotten Tomatoes score.


Could a similar database be made for other forms of entertainment?



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