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Mobile travel app integrates augmented reality

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Numerous travel sites have graced our virtual pages in recent years, including several that allow users to create personalized itineraries. YourTour and Wanderfly are two such examples, but recently we came across another in mobile app form: Canadian mTrip. With versions for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and Android devices, mTrip Travel Guide apps deliver information on thousands of attractions, restaurants, bars, hotels and shopping destinations along with offline mapping, directions, trip planning, augmented reality and trip sharing. Travel information for each city draws both from user-generated content and professional material created by European travel expert Falk (publisher of Marco Polo travel guides and Falk Maps), and daily updates are provided for free. The mTrip Genius tool automatically creates personalized trip itineraries based on travel interests, trip dates, accommodation, pace preference and the ratings of other travelers; no internet connection is required. The augmented reality portion of the apps, meanwhile, superimposes points of interest onto the phone’s display, while offline map and location-based navigation can guide users by foot or subway. With a wifi connection, users of mTrip’s guide apps can also share e-postcards via Facebook and email. Guide apps are currently available for 20 cities, and they’re available in English, French, German, Spanish and Italian. Pricing per destination is USD 5.99. As all the world goes mobile, so, too, must the travel applications, which can begin taking advantage of new technologies like augmented reality. Businesses in popular destinations: time to make sure you’re being included in guides like these. Mobile entrepreneurs: one to partner with or emulate for coverage around the globe? (Related: Flexible travel search tool uses natural languageTravel site finds the cheapest way to get thereFree customized travel guides in PDFPersonalized travel books blend search & curation.)



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