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Reusable lid for coffee cups and mugs

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Last summer we covered the Australian KeepCup, a reusable alternative to paper coffee cups that even replicates standard barista sizes. Now aiming to give coffee lovers on the go even more green-minded options, the Mug Hug is a reusable silicone lid that seals securely on ceramic mugs and paper cups alike. Developed by Toronto-based Vizun, the flexible Mug Hug fits on medium-sized mugs as well as larger paper cups used by major North American coffee chains—Starbucks’ Grande and Venti sizes, for instance—along with various sizes at McDonald’s. Using the Mug Hug gives consumers a way to take their mug full of hot coffee or tea with them when they leave home, for example, since it helps to keep drinks hot and prevent spills. The device can also be used to reduce the use of disposable plastic lids commonly placed atop vendors’ offerings. Available at select U.S. and Canadian retailers both online and in physical stores, the Mug Hug is priced at about USD 6.95. Americans alone will use an estimated 23 billion paper coffee cups in 2010, according to at least one estimate, suggesting an equal number of plastic lids will soon find their way into landfills. Eco-minded retailers around the globe: this one’s for you! (Related: Personal, reusable hand towelsReusable lunch box napkinsReusable water bottle flattens & folds when emptyReusable dry-cleaning bags.) Spotted by: Murray Orange



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