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Multisensory pop-up spaces

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When it comes right down to it, most office spaces and meeting rooms feel pretty much the same: sterile walls in drab colours, harsh fluorescent lighting, ubiquitous white boards and a general background din. It’s not exactly the stuff to inspire greatness, but a new alternative from Toronto-based Eventscape just might be. Eventscape’s Kapsel is a multisensory functional space that can be set up anywhere in a busy office or elsewhere to create an oasis of relaxation and calm. Based on a lightweight tubular frame, the space can be skinned in any material, with no restrictions on size or form. Full-colour graphics, light, sound and even scent can also be included, creating a completely immersive space that can recharge and refocus employees during brainstorming sessions, for example. The whole design can later be knocked down and reskinned, reused and recycled to create a whole new environment. Custom solutions are also available for medical, retail and hospitality applications. The Kapsel design won a gold medal in the booth category at IIDEX/NeoCon Canada 2007, a major design exposition that took place last September in Toronto. As we’ve discussed before, there are opportunities galore for pop-up spaces like these, going far beyond corporate brainstorming into the realm of being spaces, brand scapes, tryvertising booths and beyond. For more on the opportunities, see our sister-site’s briefing on being spaces & brand spaces. Then let your imagination go wild! Spotted by: Flemming Birch



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