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Mushroom burial suit for sustainable deaths

The Infinity Burial Suit is embroidered with special fungi spores that cleanse the body of toxins and help break it down to compost.

As the desire to live a sustainable life continues to grow, so has the popularity of the green burial. We have already seen a project offer to turn bodies of the deceased into compost, so they can give something back to the earth. Now, Coeio offers a similar service via the The Infinity Burial Suit, which is embroidered with special fungi that cleanse the body of toxins and help to break it down over time.


Conventional burials use harsh and toxic chemicals such as formaldehyde, as well as valuable resources for expensive caskets. Cremations are not much better, contributing to climate change. Even green burials allow the release of the over 200 natural toxins that build up in the body and can pollute the surrounding environment. The Infinity Burial Suit uses “mycoremediation” to provide a truly eco-friendly death.


The suits, which will become available this year, are handmade and embroidered with thread, and infused with mushroom spores. When buried, the spores naturally cleanse the body of toxins. The suit can be used instead of a casket in a range of traditional or green cemeteries, or even on private lands. The Infinity Burial Suit is expected to cost USD 999 and Coeio have just opened invitations to their early adopter scheme. There will also be a pet product, available this quarter. Are there any other untapped periods of modern life, which could be made more sustainable?



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