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My twinn


It's definitely a personalized world out there, so how about a tailor-made, miniature version of... oneself? My Twinn and AndGor Toy Company explore the future of GRAVANITY!

It’s definitely a personalized world out there, so how about a miniature version of… yourself? My Twinn lets consumers personalize a 23″ doll to resemble any child aged 3-12, down to every detail. The site offers a choice of 15 face shapes, 4 skin tones, 8 eye colors, 8 hair colors and 11 hair lengths and textures. Prices start at USD 119, plus additional fees if customers choose to have a professional stylist do the doll’s hair or hand paint details like specific freckles or birthmarks. The entire process takes about 3 to 4 weeks, and Denver-based eToys Direct is behind the company. For adults, AndGor Toy Company is the place to go to for a miniature-me: the company employs a team of in-house sculptors, who’ve been at this game for quite a while. From their site: “AndGor Toy Company can make YOU into the Action Figure of your choice, wearing whatever you want from casual clothes to formal wear, authentic military gear, football uniform, and more!” Yes, MyTwinn and AndGor really ought to be part of TRENDWATCHING.COM’s GRAVANITY and MASTERS OF THE YOUNIVERSE trends, but their ability to get consumers to actually gasp should be food for thought for any hands-on entrepreneur and marketer: never before have consumers, eager to stand out as individuals, yet part of a mass culture that makes everything available to everyone, been so interested in ME, MYSELF and I. Start catering to the MASTERS OF THE YOUNIVERSE or disappear in a sea of sameness.


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