Innovation That Matters

Helping brands tap the crowds for sustainable solutions

Crowdsourcing has already proven a highly effective way to innovate new solutions to a variety of problems, as we’ve seen on numerous occasions. Sustainability, not surprisingly, is an oft-targeted problem among those examples — the Globe Forum, for instance, focuses squarely on that one — and recently we came across another: Myoo Create. Now in beta, UK-based Myoo Create (“Myoo” is short for “me” and “you”) aims to help organizations put the crowds to work solving environmental and social challenges. Organizations begin by signing up with the site and posting a challenge they’d like to see solved; they also offer a specific prize for the best solution. The Myoo Create community then brainstorms and submits solutions to the challenge, which then become available for evaluation, voting and feedback from other participants on the site. The process varies with each contest, but generally there’s one prize for the crowd favourite, while the ultimate winner is selected with the input of expert judges. Organizations involved so far include Levi Strauss & Co. and National Geographic. Incubated by Adventure Ecology, Myoo Create is a for-profit enterprise that earns revenue from consulting and by charging a fee from organizations that post challenges. Community participation, on the other hand, is free. Eventually, Myoo aims to allow community members to post challenges as well through a “do-it-yourself” service. Sustainable entrepreneurs: one to try out for your next big project? (Related: ‘Elite’ crowdsourcing service taps an invitation-only crowdCrowdsourcing site helps publishers find new authorsCrowdsourced dream cars inspired by destinationsGreeting-card maker pays for top crowdsourced designsCrowdsourcing economic solutions for IrelandCrowdsourcing graphic designCrowdsourcing platformCrowdsourcing the sales forceCrowdsourcing product improvements.) Spotted by: Chelsea Souter



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