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Online guide to US neighbourhoods

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A few years back we wrote about Hubbuzz, a site that helps apartment-hunters get a better feel for the neighbourhoods and communities they have to choose from. Now, expanding the focus beyond just the rental market, New York-based NabeWise aims to reveal neighbourhoods in all their glory for the benefit of travellers, people relocating or those who just love exploring. There are more than 80,000 neighborhoods in the US alone, NabeWise says, all of them with a distinct population, setting and culture. To help outsiders understand the nuances differentiating those neighbourhoods, NabeWise offers real-time rankings across 65 key attributes including trendiness, noise level, suitability for families and safety, for example. The site’s NabeFinder tool uses proprietary data and algorithms to display customized heat maps of neighborhoods based on the user’s preferences; once a user has narrowed their search, the site aims to bring each neighborhood to life with a photo tour, reviews from locals and a unique tool that captures the dynamic, local reputation of each place. A comprehensive scorecard, meanwhile, uses a mix of ongoing surveys with public and private data to give users an understanding of each neighbourhood when it comes to quality of life, people, character, things to do and schools. NabeWise is currently up and running in New York, San Francisco, Boston, Seattle and Chicago, with plans to roll out in more cities in the coming months. One to get involved in…? Spotted by: Diana Sonis



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