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Nameless paint set teaches users about color theory

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The Nameless Paint Set identifies each color tube by its pigment parts so to educate users about color theory.

We have seen countless educational toys and kits designed to get kids into coding at an early age. Now, Nameless Paints wants to do the same for child creatives, by teaching them color theory at a young age so that they can become the designers and artists of the future.


The Nameless Paint Set is a minimalist paint palette that labels each color tube by its composite parts, in order to educate users about color theory. All colors used in printing are composed of a combination of just three pigments — cyan, magenta, and yellow — and each color in the set is a combination of these. The aim is to help users identify the constituent parts of each color and encourage them to experiment with mixing shades. The color of each tube is translated in proportional circles, which convey the relationship between the pigments.

The Nameless Paint set — which contains 10 tubes of paint — was created by Japanese design duo Ima Moteki and is now for sale in Japan for 1500 Yen (approximately USD 15) via Campus stationers. What other artistic tools could be presented differently to help young users grasp the associated theory?



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