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With virtual worlds all the rage right now (our sister-site’s July trend briefing deals with youniversal branding), expect a slew of new metaverses to emerge over the next few months. One to watch is Naughty America, launching this summer. It’s an adult (18+) massively multiplayer online dating game, where players can create their own avatars and explore a ‘sexy’ world, or turn on their webcams for some real world ‘action’. Real-world meet-ups can be arranged for as well. In other words: a more than mature version of the Habbo Hotels and Neopets of this world, where members can sexually explore like never before. Given the huge success for anything that involves social software, sex, and meeting up ( claims to have over 20 million members!), Naughty America may well be the success its founders are expecting. And although they’re inviting players from across the globe, there’s a vibrant opportunity to set up Naughty Belgium, Naughty Singapore, Naughty Dubai, etc. Oh, and while we’re at it: since, a video sharing site, recently banned and deleted all ‘adult’ material, they’ve lost the only thing that made them truly stand out amongst a sea of competition. And as is eating everybody’s lunch in the non-adult content arena, there’s an instant opportunity here to start as well 😉


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