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Necklace fake-calls wearers' mobiles as an excuse to leave uncomfortable situations

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Guardian Angel is a necklace featuring a secret button that triggers a fake call to wearers' cell phones, giving them an excuse to remove themselves from a threatening situation.

Women experience street harassment on a regular basis, but it takes many forms — some subtle and some less so. We’ve already seen Cuff jewelry include a discreet smart rape alarm that can be activated in the case of an actual street attack, but now Guardian Angel is a necklace or bracelet that can trigger a fake call to wearers’ cell phones to give them an excuse to remove themselves from an uncomfortable situation.

Created by advertising agency JWT Singapore as a way to educate young women about date rape, the silver necklace connects to owners’ smartphones when they find themselves in trouble. Although it looks much like a typical piece of jewelry, the pendant features a button that, when pressed, triggers a fake call to their mobile. For women coming across unwanted attention, the call gives them an excuse to deflect the threat without provoking anger. The device also sends an alert to family and friends, along with the GPS location of the victim.

Guardian Angel doesn’t address male violence — the cause of the problem — and can’t prevent a serious attack from taking place. However, women could find it useful in less aggressive, but nonetheless uncomfortable situations. The device can be worn as a necklace or bracelet and is available to buy for USD 120. Are there other campaigns that can help stop men being aggressive when they’re under the influence?



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