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Booking a neighborhood handyman is eco-friendly and better value

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Blueberry’s platform enables pros to complete multiple jobs in one neighborhood, reducing travel costs and carbon footprints.

We’ve seen how enlisting a handyman can be made easier with text or Facebook messaging, and a new platform, Blueberry, is aiming to disrupt the handyman-hiring process to the benefit of users, pros and the environment.


If, for example, one neighbor needs a tree-trimming service, others in the area can sign up via Blueberry’s free online booking platform to enlist the same tree-trimming professional, enabling multiple jobs to be completed in that area on a given day. The user-recommended pros, who pay a small commission to Blueberry, save time and money spent driving long distances between jobs. These savings then enable users to get better rates. Blueberry is currently available in beta in select Californian communities, and offers booking of services such as gutter cleaning, window washing, plumbing, and more.

Could other services be hired collectively in this way?



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