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Network of long-term urban rental accommodation

Travel & Tourism

A new members network offers users the opportunity to live in hotels and furnished apartments around the world, without maintaining multiple residences.

We live in a globalised world in which travel for work is increasingly common. Springwise has written about several startups responding to this change in the structure of working life. This company connects travelling freelancers with startups so they can exchange work for accommodation, and this network of hotels allows users to pay by the hour, avoiding frustrating check-in and check-out times. Now a new club, StayAwhile, offers its members rental properties around the world, which they can conveniently rent without having to maintain multiple residences.

StayAwhile is a global network of hotels and furnished apartments. Users pay a monthly membership fee and can stay for as long as they like, paying only for the nights they stay. The price for members’ stay varies from location to location, starting at $1,119 per week. The club also offers an additional service that allows individuals to store their personal belongings, ready when they come back to stay next. The idea suits people on extended holidays or those travelling for work. The network launches in April in NYC and Miami, but plans to extend to an additional 25 major cities in Europe, Latin America and the U.S in the near future.

Could this membership model extend to other industries?




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