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LinkedIn-style network for military personnel aims to boost employment opportunities

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RallyPoint is a LinkedIn-style social network that wants to help connect servicemen and women with jobs opportunities and openings.

We recently saw New York-based Incline offer free technical and computer training to veterans, and now RallyPoint – a LinkedIn-style social network – wants to help connect servicemen and women with jobs. Those who have a military background can sign up and create a profile on the platform, filling in details such as rank, unit and military specialty. Registrants can then connect with others in their unit as well as other personnel they know within the armed forces. The idea behind RallyPoint is that users can show off their knowledge and skills in order to gain a presence on the military job market or to facilitate a transition out of it, and make new contacts in the field useful for professional development. They can also track others’ career progression and work out which roles may be suited to them. The following video explains more about the site: Currently in private beta and only open to military personnel, are there other industries that could benefit from their own private LinkedIn? Spotted by: Murray Orange



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