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Never forget to send a birthday card

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While there are plenty of reminder services online that help people remember anniversaries and birthdays, few connect to the physical world. Which is where Boston-based Jack Cards comes in: a company that delivers pre-scheduled, ready-to-go greeting cards to the card sender, just in time for them to add a personal message and drop the card in the mailbox. Customers register on, enter important dates for their family and friends and select cards for each person/date. Jack Cards offers a range of cards created by over 40 independent designers. Members schedule when they’d like the cards delivered—1, 2 or 4 weeks in advance—and select whether they would like the envelopes to be pre-stamped, pre-addressed, or both. Jack Cards takes care of the rest and even sends an email reminder to make sure customers don’t forget to post the cards they’ve ordered and received. Membership is free and cards start at USD 1.50, plus postage and delivery (normal shipping rate is USD 0.99 per shipment). While entering all of the necessary data might be a bit of a chore, it’s a one-off time investment that helps customers unload the worry of letting an important date slip by unnoticed, and turns them into thoughtful, organized people who recognize the personal touch of a handwritten paper greeting. Since this is the kind of business that demands localization (language, local holidays, national postage), it’s an enticing opportunity for entrepreneurs in other parts of the world. Basic requirements: a knack for logistics and a good eye for design. And, um… major greeting card manufacturers—why aren’t you already doing this? (Related: Talking gift tags.)



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