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New bike storage solution for cyclists without indoor space

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A US storage company has created a solution for cyclists who are in need of secure outdoor bike storage.

Here at Springwise, we have published many cycling innovations ranging from new bike components to performance accessories for cyclists. For example, an air free bike tire from Japan and cycling glasses from the US that help improve breathing performance. A new cycling innovation, called the Alpen Bike Capsule, is a storage solution for cyclists who do not have access to indoor storage.

The capsule design is by Alpen Storage, a US based storage company that aim to deliver attractive, weatherproof containers for bikes. Having tested the product, the results show that the capsule can protect bikes as well as a non-conditioned garage or shed. The Alpen Bike Capsule has a circular design. Additionally, it can fit most types of bikes as well as storing cycling gear. It also has enough space to contain bikes that have wide handlebars. It is made out of roto-molded polyethylene, a durable material that keeps the bikes secure. The durable material is also rust proof, waterproof and UV resistant, protecting bikes from rain and sun. For added security, the capsule features an integrated lock with key and can also be bolted to the ground.

While it is only available in one colour for the product launch, Alpen Storage plans to add more colours in the future. Available for pre-order online, the Alpen Bike Capsule has a limited time only price of 899 USD. Alpen Storage expects to ship the product in September 2018. Furthermore, Alpen Storage is developing a commercial grade Bike Capsule. Building managers will be able to control the commercial capsules with centralized electronic access.

The Alpen Bike Capsule brings together functionality, security and sculptural aesthetic in its design. What other innovative lifestyle solutions can new designs achieve?




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