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Energy concept

New concept gives any building net-zero energy


An innovative energy concept designed in Sweden can be applied to both new and existing structures.

Malmö-based company Innenco has created a new energy concept that harnesses a building’s thermal mass to reduce its energy, allowing it to become a net-zero energy structure. This has the dual benefits of helping both the environment and the user’s energy bills.

Innenco, or “Innovative Energy Concept” to give it its full name, uses active elements systems, heat pumps, chillers and solar panels, and can be installed during a new-build or retrofitted. Pipes are integrated into the building’s frame, which Innenco say gives the user up to six times the efficiency of a traditional system.

It works in practice too, as Innenco have already trialled the system extensively in school, offices, homes and industrial buildings in several countries around Europe – with plans to eventually expand into the United States. In the test results the percentage of improvement ranges from 60 percent for schools, up to 85 for industrial buildings.

As the need for housing grows, many smart inventors are working on ways to make less of a carbon footprint in the world. An Ukrainian startup has designed a 3D printed and fully solar powered house, while the Putney School in Vermont built its own net-zero field house. Could we one day see a day when all new housing has a net-zero rating?



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