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New employees encouraged to engage with workplace via social platform

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A platform aimed at companies inducting new employees offers a virtual introduction to the office.

We’ve seen a few ideas placing employee engagement firmly at their core, such as My Corner Office, gamifying the workplace by offering rewards to productive employees. Now we’ve come across a new addition to the workplace motivational toolkit that is aimed at companies inducting new employees – created by Teamalaya, the platform enables companies to offer a general introduction to new starters and aims to prepare the employee for their role before their first day. Potential employees going through interview stages can be directed towards the company’s customized version of the site and receive information depending on how far through the process they are. Four days before starting in their new position the user will also be able to try their hand at a quiz which covers trivia questions related to the organization such as ‘Who founded the company?’ Once a contract is signed the new employee can access their Welcome Wall and enter in a brief summary of their interests and previous experience to give existing staff an overview of the new starter. There is a message wall enabling current employees to introduce themselves and offer tips and advice. Employers can access a checklist to keep track of what stage the new starter is at in their induction. Perhaps most crucially, the platform also has a function which allows new employees to vote on proposed business strategies. This gives the new hire a say from the very start, and allows employers to gauge their working practice. Starting in a new role can feel a bit overwhelming, so an online tool designed to add structure to the process of onboarding will surely be a welcome addition to many workplaces. One to take inspiration from when inducting your new employees?



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