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Algorithmic couture | Photo source Synflux

Research collective uses 3D-scanning to reduce fabric waste

Fashion & Beauty

Key figures in fashion and technology come together to create better fitting and more sustainable clothes

Spotted: Research collective Synflux has come up with a way to reduce fabric waste by creating clothes that fit a person’s body perfectly. The Algorithimic Couture project uses 3D-scanning to determine the measurements and then runs machine-learning algorithms to find the optimum design pattern, bringing fabric waste to zero.

Synflux is a collaboration between fashion designer Kazuya Kawasaki, design engineer Kye Shimizu, designer Kotaro Sano and machine learning engineer Yusuke Fujihira. The team claims that current fashion design practices waste 15 percent of the fabric used while providing customers with poorly-fitting clothing.

“I have used code to eliminate waste and make fashion sustainable,” Shimizu told Twyg.

The project also keeps the consumer in mind regarding customisation, allowing clients to choose the shape, fabric and colour of their garments. Synflux is now working with fashion brands to develop the technology.




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