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Pet furniture

New furniture range caters for cats and dogs


Global retailer has worked alongside vets to create a pet furniture collection that accounts for different behaviours types and habits of cats and dogs.

This is the first time that IKEA has created a collection of furniture and toys specifically for animals, and the range includes the usual suspects, such as a scratching post and beds, but also miniature sofas, a cat den shaped like a treehouse, and a bowl designed to encourage dogs to eat slower. IKEA have given it the collective name of Lurvig, which is Swedish for ‘hairy’.

Inma Bermudéz, a Valencia-based designer, worked alongside vets to ensure that the range catered for as wide a variety of animal behavioral types and habits as possible. There are also both indoor and outdoor items in the collection. “It’s really important to use an animal’s natural needs and behaviors – like how they sleep, eat or play – as a starting point,” said Bermudéz. “Dogs will definitely chew on their toys, and cats will scratch on most surfaces and are sensitive to smell and texture. So safe, durable materials are very important.”

Currently the Lurvig range is only available in the Japan, France, Canada and the US, but if it proves popular enough, it’s believed that IKEA will release them in other countries.

There is plenty of other innovative tech for the pet owner who wants the best of everything for their four-legged friend. A rubber ball has been released that enables dog owners to monitor their pet’s fitness and health levels, and a UK-based company has even released a smart catflap that allows you to keep tabs on your cat. What other tech do you think would improve the lives of your pets?



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