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New retirement housing specifically for LGBT residents

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Plans announced for the UK’s first retirement community designed specifically to accommodate a majority of LGBT residents.

With more over-50s than anywhere else in the country other than London identifying as part of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender communities (LGBT), Manchester’s City Council sees its planned retirement community as an essential aspect of supporting and celebrating diversity. Part of the United Kingdom’s extra care program that provides high quality, affordable housing for older people, the new retirement project will prioritise the LGBT community.

Specially trained staff will be on hand to help provide care, and pets will be allowed. Applications for rooms in the project will be encouraged from all members of the community, with the caveat that a minimum of 51 percent of spaces will be held for members of LGBT communities. The project is supported by Stonewall Housing, the LGBT Foundation and the Homes and Communities Agency.

As the world’s population continues to age, healthy ageing at home or at a place of one’s own choosing becomes ever more important. Solutions are increasingly eco-conscious with a focus on engendering community. In France, a new ecological housing cooperative for retirees is currently being built, and an online roommate matching service is helping people with a spare room safely and securely find a compatible housemate. How could some of the conveniences of the digital nomad lifestyle be adapted for or incorporated into housing plans for older people?



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