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SmartFrame dashboard

New SaaS platform offers online image security


Software lets users control how their images can be viewed and shared online, while also preventing image theft and creating monetisation pathways.

Artists, content owners, publishers even brands face a dilemma in the digital age: how to share their work while receiving credit, ensuring the best representation of their work or brand and, hopefully, increase their revenues. At Springwise we have already seen some solutions applying blockchain technology to support journalists and musicians. In an era of image-sharing, SmartFrame has developed a platform to give back control to everyone with images online, both individuals and business alike.

SmartFrame is a subscription-based platform. SmartFrame’s patent-pending format encrypts the original image file and then streams the image to the browser in a secure format. Through a set of decryption keys the image is then reassembled on the web page each time it is viewed. The SmartFrame panel offers image owners full control over their content at all times. It allows them to update, edit or revoke the image at anytime, anywhere it is featured on the Internet both dynamically and retrospectively. In short, where a jpeg would have previously been uploaded, an embed code is simply used in its place. Every image in a user’s account has its own unique code automatically created when the image is uploaded.

Because there is a call back on the server each time the image is requested to be viewed, SmartFrame also tracks all engagement and interactions with the content and reports back full image analytics to the content owner in terms of where the image is shared, viewed, clicked etc. SmartFrame is also invisible to web crawlers and bots and claims to be the most secure image format on the Internet today. Through the customer dashboard, users can also create custom campaigns with bespoke banners and manage blacklist domains. Customisable buttons linking to social media platforms or e-commerce websites can be easily added.



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