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Service to link physical objects through dedicated digital identities

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EVRYTHNG is a new service which can connect physical objects through a digital dialogue.

Regular readers of Springwise may remember our article last year on ifttt, an application that aimed to enable users to link and automate certain online activities. Now hoping to achieve a similar goal offline, we recently came across EVRYTHNG, a new service which connects physical objects through a digital dialogue. EVRYTHNG works by first creating Active Digital Identities (ADIs) for the physical objects it is going to manage. A camera, for example, could be given an ADI, which would then act as its online presence in much the same way as a Facebook page does for humans. These profiles, called Thngs, store textual, binary and geo-location information about their associated object, which can then be used to drive third party applications and services. EVRYTHNG provides developers with an API toolkit, which enables them to manage these Thngs, access the online data associated with the physical objects, and create new services, enabling objects to communicate with one another and with the user. The result is that users are able to interact with EVRYTHNG objects in a way that would have been previously impossible. For example, a user’s camera could be setup to recommend a good time and place for a photo shoot, or smart meters could be used to turn on a washing machine at the cheapest times. Currently in private beta, open only for developers, EVRYTHNG will soon offer a free plan enabling users to create 1,000 ADIs with 100Mb of storage, while a paid Pro package will also be available for larger needs. EVRYTHNG haven’t released any details on their product plans as yet, but the premise of the project should be of great interest to brands, manufacturers, developers, academics, marketeers, and service providers everywhere. As we continue to take steps towards an Internet of Things, this is definitely one to watch.



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