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New smart toothbrush plays tunes to encourage longer brushing

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British-designed toothbrush comes with companion app and music store to encourage good brushing habits.

Benjamin Brush has been designed by the technology company BleepBleeps, and is a smart toothbrush created for the whole family that makes brushing teeth more fun with the aid of music and games. Users are able to download their favourite tracks from the BleepBleeps Music Store, and then the track will play for two minutes – which is dentists’ minimum recommended time for brushing.

The toothbrush links to a free app that monitors the brushing habits of the whole family. Each brusher earns points based on how long and how frequently they brush, making it a competitive experience and therefore encouraging younger brushers to clean their teeth more often. “As a parent, I know it’s difficult to get kids to brush properly – or even at all,” says BleepBleeps’ founder, Tom Evans. “We made Benjamin Brush to get everyone more excited for brushing their teeth and to encourage good brushing habits.”

Benjamin Brush has two different brush heads to choose from, but both are made from soft, hygienic silicone bristles that should last around a year each. Touted as the first toothbrush with an integrated music store, Benjamin Brush is currently crowdfunding on Kickstarter and is hoping to be released in March 2018. BleepBleeps have been making innovative products for some time now, but do you think they’ve missed a gap in the market somewhere? How can technology further encourage healthy habits?



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