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New social travel club exclusively for over 50s

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The Freebird Club is an international social travel club created to connect member guests and hosts, all over the age of 50, with like-minded travelers.

Created to provide friendship and additional income for people over the age of 50, The Freebird Club will shortly be opening its virtual doors. The Club’s goal is to hold loneliness at bay among an aging population and enrich members’ lives through meaningful travel. Home stays are integral, with hosts providing companionship and expert local knowledge.

As a membership club, a small annual fee is charged. It is likely to be around EU 15 per year. Member security is of utmost importance to the Club, and the management team is working with a cyber security expert on identification validation and secure online payments. Based in Ireland, the startup’s founders plan to expand into the UK, the US, Europe and then beyond.

What other peer-to-peer initiatives could be adapted to specifically suit an aging population?



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