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New subscription service for health and wellbeing

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The Calm Box delivers a monthly dose of relaxation in the form of curated collections of items designed to help the recipient unwind, physically and mentally.

Originally developed to help acute mental health patients, Calm Boxes are now available to the public at three different monthly subscription rates. In the UK mental health unit where the boxes were first used, staff saw an impressive lowering of agitated, aggressive behavior. Each month’s box is themed. So far, themes have included meditation, living in the present moment and stress relief, and items include books, motivational reminders, herbal teas, iPods loaded with soothing music, stress balls and soft blankets.

Subscriptions can be cancelled at any time, and a single box costs USD 35. For a three month pre-paid subscription, the boxes costs USD 32.50 each, and the six month option costs USD 30 per box. Calm Boxes are shipped anywhere that USPS delivers to.

With wellbeing and its effects increasingly well-documented, projects affecting all areas of life are finding ways to make a difference in peoples’ overall health. Dutch supermarket staff have been trained to keep an eye out for loneliness or neglect in older customers, and for a more immersive experience, this planetarium is offering relaxation sessions that focus on the night sky from within a forest. How might other industries, including education, adapt some of these ideas?



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