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Noveto wireless sound

New technology delivers personalised in car speaker

Mobility & Transport

An Israeli startup created a focused sound speaker system that delivers audio directly to a user's ear to enhance the driving experience.

At Springwise, we have seen a variety of innovations aimed at making time in the car more enjoyable. These include a car interior you can draw on and car seats that monitor well-being. Now, Israeli startup Noveto and car manufacturer Seat are teaming up to offer an audio system that can wirelessly deliver sound directly to the ears of individual passengers. Named ‘My Virtual Headphones’, the technology uses sensors to track a listener’s head movement. The system then focuses the sound directly to the users ears. As a result, each individual within a car can experience their own personalised sound without the need for headphones or traditional audio speakers.

Noveto’s system uses transducers to wirelessly focus the sound directly into individual ears. The two companies have teamed up to demonstrate how the technology can be integrated into ordinary vehicles. This may make it possible for the passengers to listen to their favourite music, while the driver can hear navigation instructions. The system may also make it easier for ride sharing programs giving every passenger their privacy. According to SEAT Digital Officer Fabian Simmer, “Applying this new technology will enable us to open a world of possibilities for privately owned vehicles, and especially for shared vehicles.”




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