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Safety wearable

New wearable detects high voltage points to protect workers


An app-controlled wearable can detect hidden high voltage points and warn users with vibrations, in addition to storing detailed information of incidents for supervisors.

Wearables are becoming commonplace, helping users track fitness and even provide feedback on their cognitive and emotional state. Proxxi is taking wearable technology one step further and applying it to health and safety procedures in the workplace.

Proxxi is a wrist-worn wearable. The device uses haptic feedback and alerts users with vibrations against their wrist. The device’s sensors detect high voltages to varying degrees of danger. As users approach higher voltages, they are given an additional threat warning, therefore allowing workers to pinpoint where hidden danger points may be. Haptic feedback systems also overcome problems that other sensors might not account for, such as user distractions or loud environments. The device is water and dust-resistant, designed for use in a range of working conditions.

The wearable can pair with a smart device via bluetooth. This enables users to set warning threshold levels on the go, via the app. The app also sends information back to a central hub, where supervisors can see a dashboard of activity. This dashboard provides a long-term graphical overview of warnings and detected voltages. The dashboard additionally gives supervisors a greater understanding of workplace environments and allows them to look back at specific incidents. Thereby, should there be a workplace accident, users will have greater insight into what happened.



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