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New York pop-up only sells crowdfunded products


As Seen on Kickstarter is a pop-up shop where customers can try out crowdfunded Apple product accessories, then order them online.

Crowdfunding has revolutionized investment, enabling creative people to gain support for projects that might otherwise never see the light of day. Now, a pop-up store in New York is celebrating some of those successes. As Seen on Kickstarter is a temporary store, created by website, which sells crowdfunded Apple product accessories.


The store on Bowery, which is open for six weeks, will showcase accessories for Apple products. Customers can browse and play with the items instore before ordering them online. Products include Gingko Solar Tree, a solar charger based on the Japanese Ginkgo tree, and Pretty Smart Lamp, a Bluetooth lamp that helps users find their phone by double tapping the lamp to activate their flashlight.

Is there potential for a permanent retail space for crowdfunded products?



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