Innovation That Matters

A new, zero emissions, electric mobile workspace


Nissan have designed an office in a van that allows users to work from any location they choose.

In the current world of work, freelancers and entrepreneurs are growing. Traditional modes of working are being abandoned as people seek out options that allow more flexibility. At Springwise, we’ve seen a number of workspace innovations that respond to this search for adaptability: In New York, restaurants have begun renting themselves out as office space outside of opening hours. And more recently, an app allows open plan office workers to find their ideal conditions for work. Now Nissan have developed their own response to the trend, enter the e-NV200.

The e-NV200 WORKSPACe is designed for digital nomads and is the world’s first electronic mobile workspace. In collaboration with the UK-based design workshop, Studio Hardie, the workspace is a mini, self contained office-in-a-van. The zero emissions van comes complete with an integrated fold-out desk, a touch-screen computer, wireless internet, Bluetooth audio, smartphone-controlled lights, and a mini-fridge. It also contains a coffee maker which rises from a hidden compartment onto the counter and a folding Brompton bike mounted to the rear door. The van is electric and takes 30 minutes of charging to reach 80% power.

The e-NV200 WORKSPACe also contains innovative design features that allow workers to take advantage of their location such as a floating, pull-out deck at the rear and a panoramic glass roof. Will other brands follow suit as they begin to cater for an increasingly nomadic working population?


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