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New brand for a new sport

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HOLZundEISEN—German for wood and iron—sells equipment for a new sport that’s taking off in cities around the world: urban golf. Also known as cross golf or street golf, urban golf isn’t limited to country clubs, and its players don’t have to fork over exorbitant greens fees (although a good personal liability insurance is advisable). Instead, they play their rounds on building sites, campuses, rooftops and quiet streets. Since urban golfers literally hit the pavement, HOLZundEISEN’s iron is extra durable. It’s equally suited to long and short shots, a definite advantage for golfers trekking through the city without a caddy. As befits a democratic game, the club is priced at an affordable EUR 22. The tongue-in-cheek brand, which describes the club’s design as ‘high-porno-anti-glamour style’, was founded by two German students aiming to promote the burgeoning sport. Besides its urban iron, HOLZundEISEN also offers tips and a Google map marked with urban golf ‘courses’ across Germany. One to distribute outside Europe? Or find your own up-and-coming sport and cater to its underserved players. Since manufacturers in China and other low(er) cost production countries are increasingly accessible, designing and manufacturing equipment for niche (sports) audiences is more feasible than ever. Spotted by: A.L.



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