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Dine, dance, drink and play, 50 meters above ground

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We’ve been watching Belgian Dinner in the Sky for years as it’s expanded to offer live entertainment, weddings and other special events. The company has now hosted more than 1,000 events 50 meters above cities in 40 countries around the world, but we couldn’t resist sharing news that just last week it launched a brand-new platform. Whereas participants in the original Dinner in the Sky events all sat around a central table capable of accommodating 22 people in roller coaster-style seats, the new generation of Dinner in the Sky is designed more like a real restaurant. Specifically, there are eight lighted tables for four situated around a central bar, and the seats are more like those on an airplane. The new platform’s flexible configuration enables not just greater intimacy, but also more customisation. The company explains: “This new platform lets you share a dinner or a glass of G.H. Mumm champagne with friends while listening to the sounds of Ghanaian drummers; arrange a match of bridge or poker; sip Chivas while enjoying a fine Havana cigar; play a round of baccarat while being entertained by French cancan dancers; participate in a quiz or a talk show broadcast live from the stars; attend a DJ jam session … all from an altitude of 50 meters.” Is there any sign that the experience economy is fading away? Nope. The sky’s the limit — or not! 😉 (Related: Yellow Treehouse: pop-up restaurant, 10m up a tree.)



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