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Facebook tool prints and mails personal newsletter

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Facebook may have 350 million or so users, but there are still plenty of friends and loved ones out there who can’t connect online. We’ve already covered UK-based Peggy Mail, which lets Facebook users sent printed postcards to their offline friends, and now there’s News from YOUs, which goes a step further by enabling them to send a complete, personal newsletter instead. News from YOUs is a Facebook application currently in the works that will automatically share users’ Facebook news and photos in a printed newsletter aimed at grandparents and other offline relations. Users will begin by logging onto Facebook and opening the News from YOUs application. They then select the friends and family members on Facebook whose news and photos they want to include. From that selection they can edit content as they wish, deleting status posts or updates as they see fit. Next, they indicate who they want the newsletter sent to, and Detroit-based News from YOUs will do the rest, printing the custom newsletter and putting it in the mail. There’s no word yet on News from YOUs’ pricing or availability, but it seems safe to say there’s still plenty more room for more apps to bridge the online and offline worlds. Keep the OFF=ON innovations coming! (Related: An online address for the offline world.) Spotted by: Margarita Barry



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