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Next-generation trends 2022

Next Generation Trends

Looking for ways to drive your business forward next year? In this end-of-year series, Springwise brings you 20 innovation-backed trends and 75 related innovations to help you move fast and stay ahead in 2022 and beyond

You’ve found us just in time. The world is experiencing unprecedented levels of change – from COVID-19 and the climate change emergency, to generational shifts, and the impact of new technologies on operating models. And it can be hard for businesses to keep up.

Our next-generation trends series is here to help you make sense of these changes. ‘Next-generation’ refers not only to the freshest thinking, but also to the next wave of innovators creating solutions to problems that affect the next generation of businesses, leaders, and individuals. At Springwise, we believe the best innovations are the ones that try to solve not only the problems of today, but those of tomorrow too.

To bring you this series, we’ve delved into our database of innovations and insights and aligned it with the latest thinking on issues affecting the world we live in. The result is a horizon scan of the key trends that will shape the way we live and do business over the coming months.

You can find all the parts of this series here: 

1. Regeneration and biodiversity
2. Post-COVID-19 acceleration
3. Ocean sustainability
4. Cities and built environment
5. Eco-consumption

Wondering what these trends mean for your business in the year ahead? Springwise provides world class intelligence, insights and horizon scanning for disrupted times and is powered by our global network of innovators.  

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