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NFC-enabled beer keg automatically charges customers and pours a drink

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Robokeg is a robotic beer dispenser that offers drink recommendations and automatically charges the user.

The Untappd app has already helped craft beer fans find local beer resources near them, but what if they could get their own beer keg could give them recommendations and then pour a drink? Robokeg is an NFC-activated robotic beer dispenser that offers the best drink for the occasion and automatically charges the user.

Presenting their idea at the TechCrunch Disrupt NY event recently, the team behind the device want to help event organizers and hospitality companies to avoid lengthy queues for the bar through an automated system. Attendees are first required to show proof of age and their credit card number, which is loaded onto an NFC wristband. The beer tap features a built-in computer that uses the weather and type of event to recommend one of the beverages available, although users can make their own choice. When they’ve decided, they simply swipe their wristband on the NFC reader, which automatically charges their card and begins pouring their drink. A bill is sent to them via SMS and – as an optional extra – the order can be tweeted from the user’s Twitter account to let their friends know what – and how much – they’re drinking. The video below shows the team’s pitch:

It’s easy to see how the Robokeg could eliminate long queues at concerts, festivals, corporate events and holiday destinations, while the drinks tracking could even refuse customers who have had too much already.

Spotted by: Murray Orange



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