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Niche parcel service

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Every air traveler knows pocketknives and scissors won’t make it through airport security. Yet sometimes something sharp is accidentally left in a pocket. (Sometimes being about half a million times a month — that’s the number of items confiscated at airport security checkpoints in the US alone.) No problem if it’s a pair of drugstore nail clippers, but an heirloom antique sewing kit or hand-made Argentinian knife is a different matter. And where there’s a need, a smart entrepreneur is never far behind. CheckPoint Mailers has set up self-service mail-back kiosks at security checkpoints in 27 airports around the United States. Customers pick up a 6”x9” plastic pouch, complete the payment and shipping form, and drop their treasured dangerous item in the box. CheckPoint Mailers then picks up the pouch, packages the item for shipping, and sends it on its way. Fees paid are from $8-9 per item mailed within the United States. Sounds like an idea that’s ripe for overseas expansion!


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