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Nissan creates the world's first self-cleaning car

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Nissan Europe has developed a version of its Note MPV with a special coating that repels mud, rain, oil and dirt.

Ruining a prized possession with stains and dirt is never a good thing, and it seems there’s currently considerable effort being placed into creating more durable products. We recently saw Silic launch a Kickstarter campaign for t-shirts that repel liquid stains, and now Nissan has created what is perhaps the world’s first self-cleaning car.

Although some may consider washing their car an enjoyable ritual, for others it’s time consuming or expensive. The Japanese auto manufacturer has just finished trialling a version of its Note MPV which is coated in a “super-hydrophobic” and oil-repelling paint called Ultra-Ever Dry. The paint uses nanotechnology to create a protective layer of air between itself and the environment, which means that mud, rain and everyday dirt simply rolls off the body. Watch the video below to see how the car fares in rough conditions:

Nissan will continue to test the paint and is considering using the paint as a feature for future models, which could save drivers money as well as potentially curbing the damaging effects of mother nature. Are there other products that could benefit from a protective layer to stop them deteriorating, or even breaking?



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