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No-tech wristband is a return to basics for wearable tech

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No-tech wearable FlipBand rejects apps and data in favor of simplicity to help consumers stick to their resolutions

The latest offerings in wearables from the health industry such as Prana and Gymtrack combine tracking technology with smartphone apps and online rewards to encourage consumers to live healthier lifestyles. But does a phone reminder really make people more likely to actually go for a run? The founder of FlipBand Victor Mathieux thought not, so he abandoned technology altogether in his search for a solution.

Reminiscent of the avalanche of charity wristbands launched in the last decade, FlipBand is a simple no-tech rubber bracelet that users wear at all times, offering a visual reminder of a daily goal they have set themselves. Once the goal is achieved — be it reading for 20 minutes or doing 20 sit-ups — the wearer flips over the reversible band to reveal the bright green side complete with motivational tick.

FlipBand launched a Kickstarter campaign on January 6th and surpassed its target in under 48 hours. It is currently taking pre-orders for twin packs of FlipBands for USD 19. Mathieux explains that the product is rooted in behavioral science — it operates in a similar way to tying a knot in a handkerchief — by acting as a trigger.

Ultimately, the simplicity of the FlipBand acknowledges that it is the commitment of the consumers themselves that will decide whether or not they achieve their goals. Are there any other products that are in danger of getting lost in their new technologies and could benefit from a return to basics?



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