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White label platform helps anyone build (and monetize) a gaming site

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Much the way Magnify helps web publishers create niche video channels, Danish Nonoba enables anyone to create a branded gaming site that’s customisable with more than 4,000 games and can be translated into 26 different languages. Nonoba’s first offering was an independent site where gamers can play both single- and multiplayer games for free. Nonoba Gamerise, however, is a fully functional, white-label content management system that lets anyone create a Flash gaming site of their own complete with all of Nonoba’s community features but entirely customisable in look, feel and targeting. Sites built using Gamerise can be run on any domain; hosting and operations are managed by Nonoba, leaving the partner free to focus on content and monetization. Available features include a catalogue of more than 4,000 games; messaging, forums, chat and friend lists; and news feeds based on friend activity. Visual design and branding can be modified for both the site and any emails sent from it, while all phrases and texts presented to the user can be rewritten or translated into up to 26 different languages, including Chinese, Hebrew and Indonesian. Features are also available to enable site owners to control advertising. More than 100 partners have signed up since the launch of Gamerise in March, including game portals in the Netherlands, China, Belgium, Portugal and Slovenia. By providing an easy-to-use platform for such developers, Gamerise is much like “Ning for gaming sites,” as Nonoba cofounder Oliver Pedersen explains. One to try out, partner with, or otherwise get involved in…? (Related: Launch your own mobile network.) Spotted by: Bryce Hufnal



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