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Reduce carbon footprint | Photo source Photo by Gem & Lauris RK on Unsplash

Norwegian app helps people reduce their carbon footprint


A company called Ducky is inspiring people to take action on climate change

Spotted: Norwegian startup Ducky has created an app that helps people measure and reduce their carbon footprint. It starts with a survey to quickly identify a starting point for action. Ducky then offers a variety of tools, including a web app, real-time monitoring and team competitions, to encourage people to take concrete actions to reduce their carbon emissions. Ducky also provides information on climate change, such as how ordinary activities increase carbon emissions.

The startup has already enjoyed some success in Norway, where large companies like Ikea Norway, as well as local schools and other organisations, have participated in Ducky challenges. The organisation plans to expand globally. Funding efforts so far have been promising. A few days after unveiling a promotional page to raise money, investors promised €330,000.



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