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Gaining by Sharing

Norwegian co-living focuses on community building

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The project focuses on sustainability and community building giving residents the opportunity to participate in the early phase of development.

Spotted: Norway-based architectural design studio Helen&Hard is working with Indigo Vekst and Gaia Trondheim to create a new commercial model for co-living. The project, called Vindmøllebakken, is based on the new housing model called “Gaining by Sharing” and gives residents ownership to the project.

The idea of “Gaining by Sharing” influences the design of the living space and architecture. The concept also addresses social issues, like loneliness. The layout and design of the residence “facilitates sharing” and participation among the community, Helen&Hard says. Vindmøllebakken uses sustainable types of wood and other material that minimizes the carbon footprint of the building.

Old factory parts that remain from an existing structure on the site are being reused and recycled as part of the construction process, according to Helen & Hard. The project envisions 40 units which differ in size, placement and price allowing for a multiplicity of residents.




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