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Notebook system rids surroundings of odors

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The Fujitsu LIFEBOOK AH78/HA is now shipping with nanoe, a system that helps to rid the atmosphere around the device of harmful particles and smells.

Hot on the heels of our recent coverage of Alcoa’s Reynobond with EcoClean architectural panels, which feature self-cleaning technology that also eradicates smells and smog, we’ve discovered another air purification system, this time fitted to a notebook computer. The Fujitsu LIFEBOOK AH78/HA now comes with nanoe, a system that helps to rid the atmosphere around the device of harmful particles. According to the Japanese company, the laptop is the first to feature technology that cleans the air around it. The nanoe unit, which was developed by Panasonic, is capable of reducing the levels of airborne fungi, smells, viruses and allergens in the 1m sq surrounding the notebook using negative ion particles. The idea behind the feature is that those using their notebooks in public can eliminate bad smells, secondhand smoke, or particles to which they may have a bad reaction — enabling them to work in comfort. Fujitsu tested the nanoe’s performance with common airborne particles – including hinoki cypress, orchard grass and ragweed pollen – and found a reduction of 99 per cent or more after a period of between one and four hours. The LIFEBOOK AH78/HA is on sale in Japan for JPY 131,300, although the Fujitsu Webmart is currently offering a 15 percent discount at JPY 111,605. By mounting the purification unit on a notebook, Fujitsu has taken the nanoe and made it handily mobile, making it effective at protecting from odors and allergens wherever the user may be. Are there technologies you could combine with your product to make the user experience more pleasurable?



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