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Wifi light bulbs monitored, managed and controlled remotely

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Lighting is a significant contributor towards home and business energy costs, but for most of us, switching to more efficient bulbs is the extent of what we’ve done to save energy. Dutch NXP Semiconductors, however, recently introduced technology that connects bulbs over wifi, allowing fine-tuned control from any internet-connected device. NXP’s GreenChip smart lighting solution offers a way to make internet-enabled, energy-efficient lighting networks a reality for businesses and consumers. Using the new technology, every light bulb can have its own unique IP address, and users can monitor, manage and control them all from any internet-enabled device. Lights can be turned on and off individually, for example, from any smartphone, tablet, PC or TV. Dozens or even hundreds of appliances can be connected through a wireless network designed for maximum energy savings, in fact, communicating information about their environment and consumption levels as well as any problems. With versions for both CFL and LED lighting, NXP’s GreenChip solution fits the necessary electronics in an everyday light bulb; included are wireless IP connectivity, energy-efficient lighting and standby power as low as 50mW. GreenChip-enabled light bulbs will be able to operate on the same wireless sensor networks already common for energy metering, smart appliances and security systems. Low-power, IP-based wireless connectivity is enabled by NXP’s JenNet-IP network layer software. The video below demonstrates the technology in further detail:
John Croteau, NXP’s senior vice president and general manager for power lighting solutions and high performance RF, explains: “For individual consumers, smart lighting means highly personalized, intelligent lighting environments – lights that turn on and off when and where you need them, at the desired level of brightness — while saving power and electricity costs.” As the latest multi-tasking devices become adopted by more and more consumers, the development and adoption of smart systems such as this is only going to gather pace. One to get involved in early! Spotted by: Katharina Kieck



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